Day 10 BettyLou Koffel Chocolates I Have Loved


7 thoughts on “Day 10 BettyLou Koffel Chocolates I Have Loved”

    1. Wouldn’t that be fortuitious for a Fortunato? They are one of the bars that seems to go in and out of production by Moonstruck. If I’m in and they have them I usually pick one up.

      It’s not listed on their website. It is listed, but unavailable, on Amazon. Don’t know if the link will be saved in this comment but I tried. Click and read about the Peruvian farmer who found the Pure Nacional beans on his farm. It is a single origin bar so when it’s gone, it’s gone until the next season. That’s why it doesn’t work well as a daily square or in this case triangle.

  1. Meant to add my credits, got caught up in searching for Fortunato bars for Marcia Fortunato…what a great coincidence!

    I started with Pink Reptile Designs Out of This World template 2
    I also used:
    Just Jaimee Storyteller 2019 June Kit
    Just Jaimee & Pink Reptile Designs Collab Oh Boy
    Kim Jensen Pumpkin Kraft
    Pink Reptile Designs Make it Happen alpha

  2. Very interesting! I didn’t like dark chocolate until I was in my 40s. Now I prefer it. That Fortunato Bar story is fascinating! I hope to try it someday when it’s available again.

    1. Thank you, Nikki. Me too, re; dark chocolate. The Hershey’s “special dark” isn’t really a dark chocolate as I eat it now. Will you be at the Simple Scrapper retreat? I could check the stores before I leave and see if they are back in stock. I have no idea of the season for harvesting chocolate or how long it takes to ship/process, etc.

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