Day 10 MAWSCRAP8 It’s All About The CAKE!

Kathy McElfresh

4 thoughts on “Day 10 MAWSCRAP8 It’s All About The CAKE!”

  1. Another day “technologically challenged” so went with Project Life App but wanted all photos and had no room for title or embellies so imported it to Pages and added “All Messed Up” digital elements…. These are a small fraction of the over-the-top cakes I’ve made over the years…..though one was made by hubby and son for Boy Scouts and one was made by the party attendees and Katie helped me make a couple……Cake=fun=memories=much more than sugar and flour and fat!

  2. Fabulous page and cakes! So fun to have pictures of the different cakes you have made all on one layout.
    I like your embellishing of the PL page.
    I need to do that but I’m usually scrambling and run out of time to figure out how.

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