Day 10 Sheila Isbell swim


8 thoughts on “Day 10 Sheila Isbell swim”

  1. Shirley Macdougall

    As a kid I didn’t mind water at this temperature – now it has to be a lot warmer. Lovely memory on this layout

    1. We didn’t either!! Ice cold fresh water lakes is what we had. 15 minutes, tops, your lips were blue.

    1. It is taking its sweet time this year, and last year too. However, the cooler temps make it easier for them to still do school at home.

    1. The pool has been one of our best family investments!! My husband will jump in for just 10 minutes sometimes, because he can. The kids always have the best bonding time, silly time, kid time, in the water. I prefer it alone or no splashing I have my own float ring and don’t take it. 😄 it’s transformed our yard and it’s used and enjoyed 1000 times more with the pool.

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