Day 11 – Daniela Messingschlager – Home


5 thoughts on “Day 11 – Daniela Messingschlager – Home”

  1. I love our house because it holds many wonderful memories. My grandma and my father had it built and it was completed when I was 3 years old. For the longest time my grandma lived here and we visited her often. She grew potatoes in the garden and we went to a spring and got water for raspberry syrup. The living room is large and my craft room/office as well.
    The picture is me on the porch when the house was almost finished. Today I sit here and read or chat with my husband. I just realized, the bowl with the flowers you see in the background is still there.

  2. Sehr schön! How lovely to have this photos and to have noticed that plant pot in the background. I hope you’ll consider adding the journalling you’ve given us here in the comments on the page somewhere to add even more detail to your sweet page!

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