Day 11Mary Lee Makinen Home

Mary Makinen

6 thoughts on “Day 11Mary Lee Makinen Home”

  1. This picture was painted during artist’s week in town. This is the home where Rob and I raised our kids, celebrated joys and pain, entertained family and friends and return for rest and recuperation after vacations or days out. We both have recliners next to each other where we read, do Bible Study and watch TV. My favorites are tennis matches and NCIS and his are basketball, football and baseball, but we watch them together. When our three grandsons come for the day, the TV is off and let the games begin. I wanted to put in a picture of my scrapbook room, but it was not a good day for that. LOL. They say that home is where the heart is, but family is where the heart is and the heart of that is the home.

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