Day 12 BettyLou Arts & Lectures


5 thoughts on “Day 12 BettyLou Arts & Lectures”

  1. What fun events! I read Pachinko for my book club, and I have The Library Book on my TBR list. I love to hear authors talk about their work. I like how you used your actual tickets on the page!

    1. Thank you. The Library Book was awesome. Sometimes if I don’t have much to say I use the tickets to fill the page, this time I just attached them since I filled all the space.

      I highly recommend Free Food for Millionaires. I always try to read one (or one more) book by each author before the lecture. For Min Jin Lee, I had already read both of her novels.

  2. I’ve created several layouts about books & reading in the recent past. Found memorabilia from my last two Portland Literary Arts lectures (aka Arts & Lectures) in my pile and scrapped about the lectures & the books I read by each author. It’s pretty much my standard design for documenting the subscription lectures (up to five a year). This year I missed two and one was postponed so this is it for the 2019-2020 season. I’ve renewed….I want them to be there when we can actually have gatherings of >2000 people in one auditorium. It’s the largest literary lecture series in the US. LOVE!

  3. Sounds like I need to put two new books on my TBR list. Fun that you make pages about these lectures. I wish I could go back and document so many things. This is great.

    1. Thank you. I’ve been going to these lectures longer than I’ve been documenting them like this. I’m missing only one lecture from two seasons worth. I’m pretty sure I’ll find more memorabilia from the past as I work through it. Having a standard design helps me get it done.

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