Day 12 Carmen Tarala Reading

Carmen Tarala

6 thoughts on “Day 12 Carmen Tarala Reading”

  1. Lisa Ferreira

    Profound moments when they would rather be playing video games, I couldn’t help but notice his t-shirt. 😉

    1. Carmen Tarala

      He likes his video games but he loves soccer more! His shirt is his favorite player Messi (FC Barcelona)! He sure misses the game and his team! E goes out in the yard everyday practicing his footwork for when he can play again!

  2. Evelyn Wullner

    How wonderful that he agreed to read it!!! Good job! Love that you were able to snap a pic of he and the book too!

  3. Linda Kostiuk

    Definitely a photo moment. That looks like one big book to read. Good for him just like his mom something the two of you will have in common. Stephen King!!

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