Day 12 Carol White She’s a Girl!

Carol White

5 thoughts on “Day 12 Carol White She’s a Girl!”

    1. Oh! Under the flip flaps I have more journaling. I had the “official, it’s a girl” note from the ob u/s tech. They called me as they were cutting the cake and told me it was pink icing and then I opened the note and verified the baker got it correct. 🎀

  1. These pages are from almost 8 years ago. I realize I don’t have the date anywhere on these last two pages. Well, actually the shower invitation does have the date: September 8, 2012. It was the last two-page layout prior to these last two pages. I used two flip flaps on The bottom left of this page. Those are pretty nice! I’m not sure when or how I purchased them. Perhaps at an all weekend crop years ago that had demonstrators? I’m glad I didn’t have to discard three pictures. They’re almost the same, but I wanted all the reactions I could get! She’s a girl and such a sweetheart!

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