Day 12 Jen Clayman Water Lilies

Jen Clayman

5 thoughts on “Day 12 Jen Clayman Water Lilies”

  1. Once again I am so grateful for this project, because here is a story I might not have told otherwise, yet had great photos for. The photos are from a year ago, of an outing I took with my mother-in-law and kids to San Francisco for the day, to see the exhibit “Monet: The Last Years” at the De Young art museum. I decided to make a pocket page spread and put it in my 2019 travel album, which in turn made me decide that all my day trips like this from 2019 are going to live in my travel album.

    I see a connection between the prompt and our museum experience, which is that Monet painted the natural scenery of his own garden, and the beauty he found there inspired him in different ways over the years. The quote on the middle left reads: “It took me a while to understand my water lilies…I cultivated them without thinking of painting them…A landscape doesn’t captivate you in just one day…And then, all of a sudden, I had a revelation—there was magic in my pond. I seized my palette. Since that moment, I’ve scarcely painted any other subject.”

    I love the idea that what we see in nature changes over time—not just because nature changes, but because we do, too.

  2. Absolutely love and agree with what you said in the last line of your comment. Also Monet’s quote have me goosebumps. He is one of my favorite artists. I had the honor of seeing his homestead Giverny in France. I am so glad you are telling those stories during LOAD that you wouldn’t normally think of. That is the best feeling.

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