Day 12 Laura Parsons Hunting Mushroomeds

Laura Parsons

5 thoughts on “Day 12 Laura Parsons Hunting Mushroomeds”

  1. My phone and computer hard drive are full of mushroom pictures as well as sunsets and water pictures. And my grandkids, and fields and flowers, and …

  2. KathrynLeichtGregg

    Wow, these mushrooms are gorgeous! Where were these taken? You must get out and do a lot of hiking to find such rich looking shrooms! Great layout! And I love that this is your passion.

    You asked me about my background paper on my Wildebeest layout. The arrows and zebra are actually printed on the paper. The paper was made by Kaisercraft. They had a beautiful safari line…truly gorgeous papers. It’s an older line, not sure if it is still around but I almost want to hunt for it again as I know I didn’t get that entire line. Sad face here!

    1. Thanks so much for tracking me down to answer! I bet that was a gorgeous line based on the zebra one you used. How serendipitous that you had that paper to go with your story!
      Most of the mushroom pictures have been taken in Wisconsin state parks or in the woods in my backyard.

      1. KathrynLeichtGregg

        I’m so glad I have come across your LO agin and was able to see your reply!Hopefully, this process will become easier! Fingers crossed. And yes, that line was gorgeous…as are those mushrooms! Where in Wisconsin? I grew up in northern Illinois near the WI border.

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