Day 12 Riza P Face Forward

Riza Punongbayan

4 thoughts on “Day 12 Riza P Face Forward”

  1. Off prompt again as I don’t have the energy to do both the Ali Edwards Pieces of Us challenge and the LOAD challenge, so while I’m sick I’ve just been sticking to simple digital layouts. This was a rough one, not just because I wasn’t feeling well, but I generally don’t like publishing big photos of myself! Grateful for this challenge though as it’s taught me to be kind to myself and find value in the little pieces of me.

  2. This is a great layout. I’m taking photos but haven’t decided whether they will end up as individual layouts or one layout with all of them or appear in other layouts. Creating while you are that ill shows true dedication to your scrapbooking. I am impressed. Also like your stream of consciousness journaling. Perfect for this project.

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