Day 13 Cynthia McKenzie Let Go Let God

Cynthia Mckenzie

6 thoughts on “Day 13 Cynthia McKenzie Let Go Let God”

  1. You may notice that many of my pages are about me…and I am smiling front and center in the photos. Well, bless my heart. I’ve come a long way baby. I use to hide, duck, Dodge the camera. Always the one taking the pics. Intention hiding. Nowadays I take cute pics and pics with my hair all over and no makeup. I am learning to love and appreciate me and to recognize and honor my story. This album, I am, has been a long time coming and I am enjoying the journey.

  2. You look amazing and I’m so delighted that you are working on an AAM album. I’ve been making pages for years, and have been trying to encourage other memory keepers to do the same – for who is to be the best teller of our stories but our own selves? I love the photo of the long hair to contrast with the new look, and I love the addition of the butterflies to represent growth and change. Gorgeous and colorful layout!

  3. Katrina Forman Lee

    You look awesome and I am so glad for you that you’re doing this album! I feel very passionately that we should be in our scrapbooks. In our pictures even when we don’t like how we look, perhaps particularly then! Great job and I love your hair! I went short a few years ago and I am not going back!

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