Day 13 Evelyn Wullner BEST decision I ever made!

Evelyn Wullner

6 thoughts on “Day 13 Evelyn Wullner BEST decision I ever made!”

  1. Ok, so here is my best attempt at the layering/clusters… I totally failed at adding paper to layer! 😬 oopsie! I am so tempted to paint the letters in BEDT with the distress I load I used on the edge of the entire page. Except it’s a bit dangerous as the letters are super stuck down! 🤪

    I just find it SO hard to pick small pieces of matching papers and keep it to a minimum. I feel I added TOO much on this page… ugh… I will try try again… like the little train who said he could. “I think I can, I think I can.. “😂

    I am so impressed by you all who can make those pages!

  2. I like the layout…the colors, the embellishments, the photos, the big title, & the journaling! I think you did a great job…a little whimsical & fun!!!

  3. You two look so happy! The photos really stand out nicely. I could feel your excitement in your journaling, too. Love all the arrows! You did great with the layout. Happy Valentines Day!

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