Day 13 Jane Erickson – Bushkill Falls


4 thoughts on “Day 13 Jane Erickson – Bushkill Falls”

  1. I rarely do two page spreads, but this was from pixels2Pages, they give you instructions on a technique (called Bright Ideas) so I thought I would try it. Hopefully the image is big enough to see the way the pages fade out on the edge. Since it is so small here is the journaling:

    We have gone on some really exciting trips. This trip was to New York for Brayden and Blake’s graduation. The plan was to take them to New York City to see the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Since we knew we wanted to go to a few other places besides NYC we looked for a timeshare in the area and found a lovely place in the Poconos. One of the days we stayed local to the condo and found the Bushkill Falls park and spent the day in nature.

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