Day 13 Kathryn Leicht Gregg Serengeti


6 thoughts on “Day 13 Kathryn Leicht Gregg Serengeti”

  1. KathrynLeichtGregg

    This is the 2nd page of a double page layout. There are arrows on the paper so I guess that counts toward the prompt! TFL

  2. Love this and you are getting your Africa pages done, yay! Also, glad I found you to start commenting. I was searching for Kathy until I found your page today under Kathryn, so formal 🙂 I will always be plain old Cathy. With a C. the Correct way, LOL.

  3. Hey there – your Africa album must be getting pretty full by now with all these fab layouts! Another set of great photos with that super cool patterned paper. Have you bought supplies especially for these pages or do you just have a bunch of suitable supplies?

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