Day 13 Sharon Hill Hello Winter

Sharon Hill

5 thoughts on “Day 13 Sharon Hill Hello Winter”

  1. Love this, and my favorite color too! This is just how it looks here tonight. We had some beautiful snow following some rain, so the trees look just like this, gorgeous.

  2. The quote on this layout is a perfect reflection of who I am and how I came to make a huge decision that affected not only me, but my entire family. There is a lot of journaling to be added in the morning, but the essence is how I came back to my childhood love of snow after a 65-year absence by selling my home and moving from CA to Colorado. The decision was made 2 years ago this month and while it excited some of my family, others took it quite poorly. But I am as happy and content as can be sitting in my craft room/loft, watching the snow fall, remembering the happy years when my husband was still with me.

  3. there is a odd pinkish cast to the white background. I’m going to photograph it in natural light in the morning, hoping to improve it.

  4. Sharon- your words in the comments brought tears to my eyes. Hugs to you! We are snow sisters! 🙂 Ironically, I’ve been living in New Orleans for almost 5 years. I miss snow, bare trees…and the colorful autumns… so very much. I’m the only one of us 4 that misses winter.

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