Day 13 Sheila Isbell Impact


5 thoughts on “Day 13 Sheila Isbell Impact”

  1. I am speechless. Your journaling is powerful. This is a story that had to be told. I remember it hitting the news. I’m grateful you could capture the emotions and the healing that comes with time.

  2. Oh my. How tragic. Yet fortunate to have your friend saved that day. I like the yellow background paper. The colour of the bus and the colour of caution and the colour of the sun and happiness. TFS

  3. Wow, that was a tough story to tell I bet. So much sadness and through it all some joy, I can’t imagine being involved in it. Yellow was the perfect color and you’ve included all the info.

  4. Evelyn Wullner

    Wow. Your journaling … thankful for survivors! Must have been difficult to scrap
    This… ❤️ Thank you for sharing

  5. I saw your day 14 layout 1st & had to come back & look at this one! You did an awesome job of telling the story facts, & her perspective & feelings. Good job!

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