Day 14 Evelyn Wullner my Goofy Hubby

Evelyn Wullner

6 thoughts on “Day 14 Evelyn Wullner my Goofy Hubby”

  1. I didn’t really have a mentor and just wanted to do these pics to go with yesterday’s prompt layout. I really struggled with trying to layer papers and do dads… I needed more things to pop. But I couldn’t find anything! Need to clean up my messy space from this past week!🤪😬❤️

    1. Oh, I meant I needed a more 3D embellishment. And that I feel I add too many little embellishments (enamel dots and stars, etc. I never know how many is too many or not enough In Terms of placement too. I feel I add them in too large of an area? If that makes sense! 😂

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