Day 14 Karen Hobbs Ticket to Ride the train!

Karen Hobbs

3 thoughts on “Day 14 Karen Hobbs Ticket to Ride the train!”

  1. All Aboard!!!
    For many years the Amtrak train ran several times a day through our small town. Then Amtrak decided they could shave about 5 minutes off the route by not going along the waterfront! Oh no!
    My friend Debbie decided we should ride the train one last time from Tacoma to Centralia so we could see out town from the train one last time! A few friends and Niki and I climbed aboard the Amtrak Cascades in Tacoma. The scenery was lovely, although the dirty windows made photos a bit tricky. It was relaxing to just ride and chat.
    In Centralia we enjoyed lunch at the McMenamins restaurant there. It was the old train station!
    Back on the train and once more along the waterfront in Steilacoom and Tacoma!
    A fun and scenic time was had by all!
    December 13, 2017                                    LOAD 520

  2. Great story, I so dislike it when things like that go away. So glad you got to do it one last time. Photos look fine, train windows are always dirty it seems.

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