Day 15 – Gwen Dapper – Hope Springs


4 thoughts on “Day 15 – Gwen Dapper – Hope Springs”

  1. My child punched a hole in the wall. There is nothing to take away. There are few ways to make a correction. The journaling is behind the vellum. It says that he was angry. he punched a hole in the wall. and all the things he is missing that I know about. I’m grateful for counseling that he gets via webex, but I think he needs more. It’s been a hard week. There is no end in sight here. Santa Clara County is the only county in the Bay Area that hasn’t lifted any restrictions. Maybe school in August. Not July… And not the same. It’s really hard.

  2. I’m glad you made and shared this layout. I have a grandson who punches holes in the wall. Sending positive thoughts for you both & his counselor. I like your choice of the sun & clouds for an embellishments. Hoping for sunnier days in your future. Hugs.

  3. Claire Cummings

    Gwen – I love your layout. Sending my most positive thoughts to you because I know this time is hard on the kids. I’m so glad you recognised the feelings behind the punch and haven’t said anything to shame him. I’m sure he feels bad enough – hugs to you x

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