Day 15 Jane Erickson – Covid-19 Connections


6 thoughts on “Day 15 Jane Erickson – Covid-19 Connections”

  1. Probably a common take on the prompt. Journaling reads:
    One of the things that is really different during this time of social distancing is the way we see our friends. While we miss people we have been using Zoom to visit. My baseball family, my Big DRatsa group and work have all turned to Zoom to spend time together. I also have been having online wine tasting with Belden Barns.

  2. I haven’t run into a layout just like this yet. Even if it is common, it’s great that you captured this memory for YOUR scrapbooks. Excellent layout!

  3. MarciaFortunato

    Perfect memory to document. It’s so all-consuming right now, but eventually we’ll be able to say, “remember when we were all quarantined?”…

  4. kimberlyharing

    Love this!! It’s definitely making me want to screen shot and photograph some of the zoom gatherings right now! Thanks for the inspiration!

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