Day 15 Kathy McElfresh All the Scrappy People

Kathy McElfresh

7 thoughts on “Day 15 Kathy McElfresh All the Scrappy People”

  1. Natalie Schmidt

    I love this take on the prompt, Kathy! Indeed, I’m grateful for all of our Zoom crops and that we were already practising this was of virtual crafting before the pandemic required it. It’s very infrequently that I get the opportunity to show my boys a technical thing/program that I know and that they don’t yet.

  2. So true Kathy! So true. I love seeing what people are doing, and I love it when Alice has crops. It makes me feel connected. Once again, stunning LO.

  3. Thank you for reminding me of all the ways I connect with like minded scrappy people. The current situation hasn’t changed that, but it has become more important

  4. KathrynLeichtGregg

    Awesome take on the prompt, Kathy. And love all the fun things to look at on your page.
    And…I loved your interview with Alice! What a great story!

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