Day 15 – Nadine Ballantyne – Christmas Cousins

Nadine Ballantyne

9 thoughts on “Day 15 – Nadine Ballantyne – Christmas Cousins”

  1. Nadine Ballantyne

    Had this page started, the paper was all glued down. I’ve been making pages using up the scraps in my Christmas supplies. I added my title in black and mounted my photo on black cardstock to go with the prompt.

  2. I am loving these colors together, how great that you had all the papers down! Makes for a relaxing day ahead. Inking the edges, really makes the banner one whole piece. It looks like a stage curtain!

  3. I also love how the inking on the banners makes them all go together. Great use of all the different papers, and it’s festive without using typical Christmas colors. Great job!

  4. I love this layout!! I have a photo of all 13 of our grandchildren together that I could use. I just might have to scrap lift this one if that’s ok with you.

      1. Thanks! I’ll try to get it done & post it, but it might be after LOAD. Depends on the prompts…I try to stay with the prompt.

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