Day 15 Paula Doran All the Lonely People

Paula Doran

5 thoughts on “Day 15 Paula Doran All the Lonely People”

  1. Today( May 6,2020 photo was taken ) was the first day I ventured outside for a walk as seasonal allergies would give me symptoms not fit for work 😩. After I have been eating away the stress , sadness , anxiety and everything else that comes with being apart it was a good thing to do to clear my head and ponder 🤔 . What strikes me in the moments while the songs shuffle on my iPhone thru Alberta Bound , Don’t blink and Time ( if you like Country music you will understand the lyrics) ; and then the sign “Today I am Grateful for …”
    Many thoughts pass thru our heads – this pandemic for all humans has been something of a very tragic life altering event that is more than a microscopic virus. Getting up everyday is a chore because my hope meter at times is very low usually hope is a strategy for me and my motivation at times is limited and for most I am sure we are trying very hard to maintain these two things . I think in all of this craziness coping is fragile we are all teetering on a tight rope across the Grande Canyon of uncertainty and our mental health is just as much a threat as the physical effects of the virus. That quality of life we all long for is always hanging in the balance – finding that balance is our next challenge as we open up in the months ahead I pray we renew with caution and resilience and continue the habits we have developed .
    Back to the question “ Today I am grateful for…” My wonderful family, my amazing friends, my unbelievable coworkers at health link we are constantly changing and challenged as the forefront to handling COVID19 as central point of access , ALL essential workers , the powers that be working endlessly to make the best decisions, to be ALIVE … to have been blessed with many fortunes to live comfortably, and the opportunity for education and travel- ultimately life experiences.
    I found it Very strange walking and moving that 6 feet apart , our new normal. and then to realize the power I have is to just “smile “ and say “hi” and a wave … it is powerful . A smile is contagious and free , it shows are humanity in times we need it the most … pass it on 💗🙏🤗💕 #staysafe#stayhealth

  2. There certainly is a lot of power in a smile. Thanks for reminding me to wield it unsparingly in these times when it could really make a difference in someone’s life

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