DAY 15 Sharon Hill Always

Sharon Hill

6 thoughts on “DAY 15 Sharon Hill Always”

  1. This is a rather special layout for me as it was 4 years ago today that my husband suffered a stroke and passed away a few days later. We were together for more than half a century and I miss him EVERY day. But I have so many memories and scrapping them brings me great comfort. In the photo, we are celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary, with our family, on a Disney cruise to Alaska. His alzheimer’s was progressing and I knew it was only a matter of time – I just thought we’d have more time than we did. I’ll journal in the morning and take a better photo in the daylight.

  2. I’m so glad that this collection came out! I have it to scrapbook about my Dad, who passed away almost 3 years ago now. The process is important, but the stories told are equally important! Thank you so much for sharing your layout and giving me the inspiration to scrapbook about my own loss!

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