Day 15 TinaGale Monorail

TinaGale Husong

5 thoughts on “Day 15 TinaGale Monorail”

  1. Pulled off a double page tonight. This is the final page of my 2002 Disneyland album. The very first album I ever completed. I don’t know why I never did this page but it’s done now. i had to pull some old product to coordinate with the rest of the pages and try to keep from embellishing too much. I certainly have come along way in 18 years. LOL

  2. Love your patterned paper- it’s perfect. Also love the little Mickey you made out of circle rings. I might have to borrow that! 😀

  3. Angela Weinzierl

    Love the patterned paper, it’s a great fit for your layout. Congrats on finishing up the album, that always feels good!

  4. Looks great, I’m working on some older page kits right now & finding the same thing…asking myself if I really did scrap this way back in 2003. Well, yes, we did. For this one however, the four layouts that will be in close proximity to this new one weren’t totally finished either (and my stickers couldn’t be gotten off the sticker sheet without tearing) so I punched some hearts, pulled out some arrows and hexagons and they all look more interesting.

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