Day 15 Wendy Kiely Happy Birthday

Wendy Kiely

9 thoughts on “Day 15 Wendy Kiely Happy Birthday”

  1. Scrap lifted this layout but adapted for birthday number 5. As soon as I saw the prompt I knew it was the perfect opportunity to scrap my daughters birthday, I will always love her for the prompt and bonus black on the layout.

  2. Wonderful layout! Such a cutie pie! I really love your page design and embellishments, paper and the use of the 1,2,3,4,5 to document her current likes etc.

  3. So many things to love about this. I may end up scraplifting it as well 🙂 The floral papers are gorgeous and I love the captured joy on the photo on the left.

  4. Nadine Ballantyne

    I love the journaling, how you wrote down all the little things about her now, that would surely be forgotten a few years from now if you didn’t write them down.

  5. I love that your numbers equal 5! Great journalling, I wish that I had written a few things down at the time I took pictures so long ago. I play catch up nowadays, and at least write things down for my now grown kids!

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