Day 16 BettyLou Koffel Christmas 2009


9 thoughts on “Day 16 BettyLou Koffel Christmas 2009”

  1. Well no, this isn’t a sport unless you count blowing bubbles as a sport. My journaling around the edge is at least a third about Senor Pustafix rainbow bubbles and wondering why on earth we added the Senor title to a product made in Germany. IDK but that’s clearly the sign of a family story that needs to be documented. Prompt adjacent? I started thinking about a games or books of my childhood layout(s). It/they may appear later this month. My pile of page kits to be created is still there and may last the rest of the month….at least until I can no longer suppress the urge to make a digital page. I finished 4 layouts yesterday that were also from the Hawaii trip which included yesterday’s double page layout.

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