Day 16 Carol White Addie 9 mos.

Carol White

9 thoughts on “Day 16 Carol White Addie 9 mos.”

  1. I was able to stay on prompt with fruit. Luckily, I hadn’t scraped these pictures from 7 years ago, which included watermelon. I think I thought these pictures were too precious for me to scrapbook and this LOAD has helped me get past that barrier.

  2. Oh gosh! Those pictures are so adorable! My niece is 7 months old and this age goes so fast!!! I’m glad you scrapped this layout today! Isn’t LOAD the best for prompting you to get these pages done?!?

  3. Awwww!! What a beautiful little girl!! How fun to see any kid trying to eat watermelon!!! Great page!!

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