Day 16 Jane Erickson – Exploring. . .Seattle


8 thoughts on “Day 16 Jane Erickson – Exploring. . .Seattle”

  1. I am not really a nature person, I like to look at it though. So prompt adjacent again. I am absolutely in love with the Spilling Out Templates by Seatrout Scraps for Forever Artisan software.

    Journaling reads:

    One of my favorite things is watching the Giants play on the road. And whenever possible I use the opportunity to visit friends. In June of 2015 we took a trip to Seattle. While there we got to spend time with Marilyn. We drove out to see Snoqualmie Falls and for Danny we went to see Jimi Hendrix memorial in Renton.

  2. That spill out frame is awesome for the waterfall (which is awesome itself, you captured a great photo). I want to remember this next time I scrap a waterfall photo.

  3. Oh My Goodness! I can only imagine how difficult it was to make that spillout! It looks fantastic!

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