Day 16 Jean Schmuker Bowling

Jean Schmuker

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  1. Here is the journaling from my page:

    I know some people don’t think bowling is a sport. However, since I never have been very athletic except for a brief period in tenth grade. In tenth grade I was the badminton champion in my class. This also was before Title X so there were no girl interscholastic sports only intramurals. I loved badminton and played every badminton season in high school even going in one hour before school started. (the gym was reserved for boys after school) But I digress. I grew up with my dad being on a bowling league and watching bowling on television every weekend. I never went bowling much before my junior year in college. One of my physical education classes was bowling. A large part of your grade was how much improvement you could make in your score during the class. Being naive and pretty much a beginner I really struggled in this class. Many of the students knew how to bowl quite well and so they bowled badly at the beginning and of course improved their scores. I really enjoyed learning how to score and the vocabulary that came with bowling and I did very well on my written exams in class.
    The next time I bowled on a regular basis (even got my own ball and shoes) was when I was in graduate school at the University of Michigan. There was an antique two lane bowling alley in the basement of the Michigan Union. It became an escape from the stress of full time graduate school and part time work and I tried to get there several times a week. I met a couple of people there and became friends. I enjoyed bowling against myself and improving my scores.
    After I graduated and started working I didn’t bowl very often. After I joined the Catholic Singles Association, I joined their league and bowled on Sunday afternoons for three or four years. I enjoyed that even though I was never very good. The group dinners afterword were great fun.
    I don’t know if I ever will go back to bowling—my back and knees are not the same anymore. I have no regrets about the many hours I spent in bowling alleys talking with friends and doing a little exercise.

  2. I’m glad you got this story down. Bowling is definitely a sport. I’ve never been very good, but it’s still a lot of fun!

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