Day 16 Jeanette Collins My Sideline SPORT


7 thoughts on “Day 16 Jeanette Collins My Sideline SPORT”

  1. What a beautiful page Jeanette! You must have had some special unrealized talents if you could become an amazing twirler… that takes some serious coordination. I love the photos you’ve used… you’re so beautiful!!!

  2. This is scrapbooking. In the future someone will really KNOW this about you. Brilliant journalling. Not sure what a twirler is but if it’s spinning a stick around your hand, I’m in awe of you. And I agree with Alice – you were (and still are) beautiful!

  3. KathrynLeichtGregg

    Oh my goodness, Jeanette, I LOVE this! Your journaling is fantastic…love hearing about you in those early years (next up…the Willie Nelson layout!) That paper and the black and white photos are so perfect. Out of the ball park on this layout!

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