Day 16 MAWSCRAP8 Smile For The Camera

Kathy McElfresh

6 thoughts on “Day 16 MAWSCRAP8 Smile For The Camera”

  1. Checkers is the name of the game in this story. Ava always loved games, had no interest in the rules — she preferred to make them up as she went along! This prompt has inspired me to do a Family Game Night page with different photos but I wanted to do a grid for a challenge at Scrap Squad and I just love these pics of Ava SO much! All Vicky Boutin from a mix of collections.

  2. This is a fabulous example of a super grid design! I love it. There’s a lot going on but that adds to the interest and overall design – so much to discover. Perhaps this is the type of idea I should have gone for with my disastrous grid I made about Scotland!

  3. I also choose to create a layout based on a style or kit or template. Good job to work the “checkers” theme into this one to be on prompt.

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