Day 17 Beth Branning: Just Another Day At The Office

Beth Branning

7 thoughts on “Day 17 Beth Branning: Just Another Day At The Office”

  1. Ugh! Why are my page photos always crooked??

    Here’s the journaling: My job has never been very photoworthy. I work on behalf of animals, not near them, so photos of me working would include me in a board room or behind an office door. In fact, I was always annoyed with people who wanted to have their photos taken with wild animals, as though the animals were just props. But when my book was published, the book editor wanted a photo with me for the cover and—since cheetahs are mentioned prominently in the book—the editor asked the San Diego Zoo Safari Park if we could have some in the picture. I saw these young cheetahs and was too weak to say no. My “leave wildlife in the wild” attitude was no match for these lively cats who just wanted to play with me and each other. They were not bothered by my presence at all; in fact, they made a game of knocking me down until I realized that I should be kneeling. Getting the book finally published was cool, but you really can’t have a better day at work than playing with cheetahs.

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