Day 17 Evelyn Wullner No Words??

Evelyn Wullner

6 thoughts on “Day 17 Evelyn Wullner No Words??”

  1. My mind cannot put words together like I would like… I always think of what I wished I had said! It’s so frustrating! Argh.! I especially was mad at myself because this was a special person which I wanted to express my gratitude to for his service and commend him for his work and let him know how much I appreciated him!

  2. Angela Weinzierl

    I have the same problem! Just can’t put together what I want when I meet someone face to face!!! Your layout is great!

    1. It was the most exciting thing after the birth of my kids 😬😍🇺🇸❤️ He was so down to earth and talkative – thank goodness my friend there was able to talk! 😁

  3. I can definitely relate. This sounds like me. LOL. I’m sure he understood. But what a great layout to capture the moment just as it happened. Awesome!

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