Day 17 Evelyn Wullner Work TODAY… 😩

Evelyn Wullner

8 thoughts on “Day 17 Evelyn Wullner Work TODAY… 😩”

  1. Evelyn Wullner

    Ever since distance-learning 3-13-2020 my lovely job helping preschoolers to communicate /improve their speech & language skills has been CHALLENGING! I love my students! I am a part-time employee who now works more than full-time. I have to learn new platforms to work with my students over the computer, never ending new state forms, emails, Phone calls, researching online materials, etc.

    1. Evelyn Wullner

      I ran out of room talking about how I am NOT a techy person at ALL and it takes me Forever to figure things out technologically- usually I just give up and do things “OLD school” or my techy hubby does it for me.
      Also, the preschoolers are talking o er eachother, and getting distracted by everything in their home… 😬 God Bless these parents!

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