Day 17 Jane Erickson – Too Many Parked Airplanes


5 thoughts on “Day 17 Jane Erickson – Too Many Parked Airplanes”

  1. It is very sad to think about work right now. I am sure there are others of you that have been thrown into a much worse situation than mine. I know that things will open back up but when is the big question.

    Journaling reads:

    I am currently on what United is calling a COLA (company offered leave of absence). I am scheduled to be off for a total of 6 months. In October I will find out where we go from there. Because of Covid-19 the demand for air travel has dropped to almost zero. When states and countries begin to open up and once again allow travel we will have to hope that the public decides to begin traveling as they did prior to January of this year. Hoping to return to work in fall.

    1. MarciaFortunato

      Love this design with the large photos and smaller insets. Not so liking the subject 😕 Praying your job situation improves sooner rather than later.

  2. ElizabethWiers

    Great page, if a somber topic. Love the stitching and inset framing the journaling. I know how much you love your job, so here’s hoping for good news come fall.

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