Day 17 Karen Hobbs Chasing Doctor Who!

Karen Hobbs

7 thoughts on “Day 17 Karen Hobbs Chasing Doctor Who!”

  1. Ever since I became a Doctor Who fan back in 1995 I’ve been chasing my dream of meeting The Doctor! And I have been very lucky to so far have met five of them! And I have the photos to prove it! Plus I live with my very own doctor every day!😊

  2. This is so wonderful! I am in awe of you meeting David Tennant. He is bloody brilliant in so many roles (including HP’s Barty Crouch Jr and Dr Who, of course) but I especially adored him in Good Omens. 😍

    1. We were beyond excited to meet him! And he was funny and cool and just brilliant to meet! I hope you get to meet him someday too!

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