Day 17 Melanie Radko About Work

Melanie credit Radko

8 thoughts on “Day 17 Melanie Radko About Work”

  1. Melanie credit Radko

    As soon as I saw the challenge, I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to do my page. These are the woman that worked at the orphanage and cared for my son for the first 18 months of his life. I don’t usually do black and white photos, but I really liked it for this one. I am so happy with my page of thanks to the workers.

  2. I agree that the B&W picture is perfect. It adds a timeless quality. Adoption is the most beautiful of love stories. This is a beautiful page.

    1. Melanie credit Radko

      Thanks Jennifer…I just started the 3rd and final album. The 3 albums have EVERYTHING from the point I decided to adopt (2 years prior to travel) to bringing my son home (3 months in Ukraine). I want my son to have every ounce of his history and these albums are LONG overdue (he is 16 now). He struggles with his history and I hope this brings him comfort. That is what is amazing about scrapbooking our memories.

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