Day 17 Sharon Hill Friendship

Sharon Hill

10 thoughts on “Day 17 Sharon Hill Friendship”

  1. Based on the Day 10 prompt – something you’re missing. I’ve been missing my best friend now for 4 years and scrapping about her helps keep the memories alive. The title is based on an old Cole Porter song from 1940, sung by a young Judy Garland. Lucy did a song/skit with her best friend Ethel in the 1950s. The sloth and hedgehog are leftover from Calvinball but make the perfect friends on this layout.

  2. I just love everything about your layout! Your title, journaling, clusters, banners, and the balance of the whole page make it such a fabulous page!

  3. Laura Parsons

    I second what cityscrapper said above. What a beautiful tribute to your wonderful friend. I’m sorry for your loss but glad you can find comfort remembering and scrapping about her. It really is a stunning layout!

  4. I agree with all these ladies. You did an outstanding job, making such a loving tribute to your bestie.


    Love everything about this. Love the color scheme, stenciling, layered embellishments, and the sloth is too cute!

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