Day 18 BettyLou May Everyday 13 May


5 thoughts on “Day 18 BettyLou May Everyday 13 May”

  1. I started catching up on my 20 in 20 May Everyday project. I’ve been taking photos every day but actually thought that creating just one of these simple layouts wasn’t quite sufficient even though Alice says “a layout is a layout”. I used the Project Life App & had so much fun that I created 7 today. I chose to share only one since I’m not able to link them all together, selecting this one from the 13th. I used the top right photo in one of my earlier LOAD520 layouts. I’m looking forward to doing a few more soon…tomorrow?

  2. PL can be fun and quick. Glad you enjoyed it. I love those hats and I’ll say again how kind you were to get them for your friends. 💛

    1. Thank you, Carol. I have two more to deliver. One is scheduled for tomorrow at 3 and the last will be Wednesday morning. i’m excited to finish this project. These are really wonderful women AND the teachers that are supported by the purchase of these hats are also so deserving. Going to class in Baltimore when I am there improves my live immensely. You are so kind.

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