Day 18 Daniela Messingschlager – Escape Room


6 thoughts on “Day 18 Daniela Messingschlager – Escape Room”

  1. After coming home from work I love to be able to close the door behind me and have a moment of peace and quiet.
    The hidden journalling on the tag reads:
    Since my daughter moved out I have been claiming her room and enjoy a cozy retreat. I have light sources all over the room, which makes me more focused on the moment and relax. I can read or listen to music or just it there and do nothing. It is my escape room and I love it.

  2. How special to have that room just for you! Love the torn paper on the layout and the little clusters of embellishments. And I especially love that tag – “You do you. I’m gonna be doing me over here.” – perfect!

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