Day 18 Laura Sormani: The Folders


5 thoughts on “Day 18 Laura Sormani: The Folders”

  1. The photos from this layout were taken the day she graduated, but the story started more than four years earlier. We were visiting her school of choice (the only school she wanted to attend) and on a tour we saw that each student in the program she was applying for had a folder, filed by the student’s year in school (freshman, etc.). My daughter and I commented hopefully on how her name would soon be on a file, but we knew there were many, many students applying and only a few spots in the major each year and her having a folder was really a wish back then. She was ultimately accepted to the program, and in her freshman year she took a picture of her name on a folder and sent it to me. On the day she graduated from this school, we passed by the folders again. We took a picture of her by the folder bins and she slid her name out of the plastic tag and saved it. The folders were a little success story and helped remind her just how grateful she was to be attending her school. The story was too long to tell on the layout, so I put a tag behind one of the pictures.

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