Day 19 BettyLou This is how it’s done May 4


5 thoughts on “Day 19 BettyLou This is how it’s done May 4”

  1. Off prompt with 9 more layouts for my May Everyday minibook. Only one left undone but, of course, tomorrow that will mean there will be two! Love this set of photos showing how one of my favorite stands at the farmers market gets their produce to the consumer during the pandemic.

    I skipped the photo of the ordering line (six feet apart which most weeks ends up being at least half a block. I took the top photo as I was getting close to ordering (on the left) and the bottom photo as I recognized my order being piled up on the white table where I would then pack it into my shopping bag.
    GWO has the BEST fresh greens. I eat steamed greens every morning as part of my breakfast.

  2. Oh boy! Your page makes me miss the farmers markets of southern NJ. Especially for buying the Jersey tomatoes and corn.

    1. The farmer with our favorite tomatoes retired in December. Luckily his land is being farmed by some of his former employees. I’m hoping the tomatoes are as good as ever.

    1. Thank you. I’m sure one day I’ll look back and totally see this as normal. That’s a scary thought.

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