Day 19 Jane Erickson – Yesterday


5 thoughts on “Day 19 Jane Erickson – Yesterday”

  1. I complain often that my parents didn’t have a picture taking gene between them, I actually believe it was that they were young, had lots of kids and were poor. I do treasure the photos that do exist.

    Journaling reads:
    I was around 5 when this photo was taken, I am not exactly sure but based on the fact that I still have the silver crown on my front baby tooth I think it is a pretty good guess (The story about my tooth is one for another day). I think it was more than likely taken by one of those door to door photographers. I also think my mom made the dress I was wearing, she made many of the dresses I wore as a child.

  2. This is a lovely layout. I like the way you framed your photo & the embellishment. It reminds me of the way some have held up their hands to “crop” a scene before taking a photo.

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