Day 20 BettyLou Summer Vacation


15 thoughts on “Day 20 BettyLou Summer Vacation”

  1. Paper Layout from my stash:

    Went to Lightroom to check on the dates of this trip and WOWZER every single one of nearly 66k photos was “missing”. Apparently this happened when I disconnected an EHD from my desktop when BackBlaze didn’t seem to be current in the backup (3 days behind). Followed the BB directions and now I’m telling lightroom where each of my yearly folders is located. It’s a time consuming activity. Luckily I was able to remain calm and finish my layout (found the dates on my phone).

  2. That must have been so scary to find your photos missing! Your layout is so beautiful. Blue and orange are such a great combination!

    1. Oh my, yes it was. The majority have been found again and are again visible. There are a few that I think I’ll import again and some look like they are duplicates. I think my catalog is much neater and better organized now so that’s good.

      Thanks, I like these colors together, that’s why I didn’t want to let it go.

  3. I would probably have had a nervous breakdown over those missing pictures. Great job remaining calm and retrieving them.

    I can’t say enough GREAT things about that circle over your pictures. The colors and design are spot-on!

    1. Thanks, Carol. I had to take quite a few deep breaths but now they are mostly back and maybe the catalog is better organized. Yay!

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