Day 21 Beth Branning: Plot Twist!

Beth Branning

4 thoughts on “Day 21 Beth Branning: Plot Twist!”

  1. Here’s the journaling:
    Jury duty sucks, right? I was assigned to a horrific criminal case and the judge refused to excuse me from the jury.
    As the case dragged on for days, I got to know the other jurors by their numbers (I was Juror #9).

    Each day I went to lunch with the other jurors, where we were prevented from discussing the one thing we had in common. I found that the jury was a surprisingly fun and interesting group.

    Finally the verdict was in, and all the jurors discussed the fact that we would like to have a chance to visit now that the pressure of the trial is over. I shouted, “Party at Juror #10’s house!” Everyone agreed that this was a great idea. I felt a little guilty, though, and offered to help Juror #10 with the party.

    Amazingly, Juror #10 and I begin to date. The following year, he surprised me with a birthday cake that said “#9, Will You Marry Me?” The rest is history. Remember this the next time you try to get out of jury duty!

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