Day 21 Carol White Gnomie/NoNo

Carol White

7 thoughts on “Day 21 Carol White Gnomie/NoNo”

  1. This is a layout about how my grandma name became Gnomie and then, also, NoNo. This is about as unexpected as I get. 😊

  2. Jennifer Croasdale

    This is the best story! My first daughter called my mom guppy for a while before she could say Grandmom. I wish it stuck.

  3. Wonderful journaling! No you will never forget the details. I have been loving Gnomes lately. My Grandpa was born to Swedish immigrants. My Greats came through Ellis Island. We have a Swedish colony not too far from home that has special events during the year. They are Gnome crazy at Christmas. I love your Gnomie! Great moniker for a sassy, classy Grandma!

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