Day 21 Claire Cummings Hey Hey Hey

Claire Cummings

5 thoughts on “Day 21 Claire Cummings Hey Hey Hey”

  1. Claire Cummings

    I see that the journalling is fuzzy so I thought I would put it here. It says:

    “See the face on the front?

    This is my face for the people.

    I naturally have a happy disposition and have been able to see the humour in most situations that have sprung up in my life. I have been hit with quite a few over the last nine years and I feel that my clan facade is cracking a little.

    I just want to crawl into a craft cave and stay there for a couple of weeks and let someone bring me drinks and meals. I want someone to tell me that everything is okay and that I am great. I want to be hugged and told that things will be just fine.

    See this face?

    This is how I feel right now.”

    My card stock is metallic and I also have delved into the brads …

  2. Oh, I just laughed out loud! Claire, I love that you have hidden journaling, but more you have an even funnier hidden picture! This is great!

    1. And, honestly, I feel the same way too. After that punch in the wall, I’m afraid to even talk to my kid, I’m so mad right now. Hugs!

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