Day 21 Jane Erickson – To Prove a Point


3 thoughts on “Day 21 Jane Erickson – To Prove a Point”

  1. After finishing a 10K with ease, I told my friend that I thought I could walk a half marathon. She told me I would have to train, I of course said I thought it wouldn’t be necessary. We planned to do it in 2018 and the CA wildfires made the air unsuitable so it we defered to 2019. The race required that we had to finish before 3 1/2 hours or you would not get the medal. It was more dificult than I thought but of course we finished.

  2. I agree with Claire! This is a great layout! You have every reason to be proud. I’d love to do one too, but feel it is out of my reach. Maybe I should train.

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